Manufacturing Day
Manufacturing day builds career interest for UCS students
Posted on 10/08/2017
PTI engineer talking to UCS studentsEvery innovation starts with manufacturing and advanced engineering.

That was a message shared with UCS students as part of the national manufacturing day.

Nearly 400 students visited nine area companies to support the initiative, which seeks to inspire the next generation of manufacturing by sharing information about careers and opportunities. 

According to organizers:

  • Manufacturing is diverse.The wide range of companies and their products reflected on the interactive, infographic map shows a bit of the breadth the industry provides each of us.
  • Manufacturing supports 18.5 Million U.S. Jobs.
  • Manufacturing career opportunities include engineers, designers, machinists, computer programmers and so much more.
At PTI Design in Macomb Township, more than 30 students from across the district learned how manufacturing was instrumental in making a difference around the world - from helping workers escape a mining accident to using materials found in remote regions of the world to create motorized vehicles. 

PTI engineers explained for students the produce development process and the sense of discovery that comes with every new concept.

"We never know what is coming through the door," Steve Elliot, creative design directing manager, told students. "Every day is exciting."